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    Serhio Rames
    2016-02-19 17:12:22
    Excellent underwear. I recommend!)
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    Maxx M
    2016-02-12 14:45:11
    Good underwear


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After registration and confirmation of the order you will start to get your messages by e-mail, including newsletters, posts the order confirmation and returns, as well as the answers from support service.
There are several reasons why these messages are not delivered to you.
Your program / e-mail server can receive our messages as spam. To solve this problem, add contact list / address book program.
Make sure that the address you entered when registering on the website is correct. To do this, simply log in to My Account (if you remember the address that you have used previously). If the address is incorrect, you need to enter all the changes on their own, because we can not do it for you, even at your request.
If this does not solve your problem, contact our Customer Service. Describe in detail the problem. We will do our best to solve it.

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