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    Serhio Rames
    2016-02-19 17:12:22
    Excellent underwear. I recommend!)
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    Maxx M
    2016-02-12 14:45:11
    Good underwear


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We would like to confirm that if you are successful to cancel the order, the money for it, we do not shoot.
Sometimes money is reserved and the bank can be labeled as charged to your account. However, nothing to worry about: money for the canceled order is still in your account, the bank usually defrost them within 10 working days. Please also bear in mind that some banks may hold the blocked funds to 30 days, but we can not affect it. Please refer directly to the support of the bank to release funds quickly.
If funds for the canceled order and has not appeared in your account, we recommend first of all apply to the bank with a letter sent to you about the successful abolition of the order, to find out when they will be available again.

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