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    Serhio Rames
    2016-02-19 17:12:22
    Excellent underwear. I recommend!)
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    Maxx M
    2016-02-12 14:45:11
    Good underwear


Deal Product

You need to enter the code exactly as you received it, with no spaces. Type or paste the code in the box "promotional code" You can check it out under the order the product, since the amount of discounts will be removed, and the price will be fixed.
You must enter the discount / promotional code when placing the order - then it can be done.
If you can not take advantage of the promotional code, please check the following:
In one order, you can use only one discount / promotional code
You can not use a discount / promo code to purchase gift certificates, as well as to pay for delivery services
Our prices promo codes vary as well as their terms and conditions of use, so be sure to check all, when you get some codes. Codes can only act on certain products, and most have a validity period. You can find the terms and conditions in the same place and found the code, whether it is an email or a website.
Some codes will only work for certain people or customers from certain countries. If you receive a code letter to your e-mail, then the code can be attached it to this email address. Make sure that the account from which you're trying to make a purchase with promo code is registered to the e-mail address to which the code has been sent.
If you have checked all of this and your promo code still does not work, please contact our Customer Service.

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